Roly Bain- Holy Fool

Simply, Let Us Play

Roly, ‘slackroping’, in one of his many outstanding performances.

The Church’s Jester At Your Service!

Roly, the award-winning clown, has clowned all over the UK, across the USA, in Canada, Australia, Sweden, France, Belgium and Holland........ in churches, chapels and cathedrals, prisons, hospitals and schools, camps, conferences and clubs, halls, big tops and theatres! All his routines have some Christian basis, story or punchline.

The Vicarage,  The Street,  Olveston, Bristol,  BS35 4DA, UK

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“…..the ultimate in awe, wonder, worship and fun….” Diocesan Schools Officer

“…..thank you for your professionalism, heartfeltness and delightful presence—as I  watched your wonderfully orchestrated chaos I kept thinking—My life is just like this—a constant crazy scramble always on the verge of unraveling—but somehow still holding together and with those occasional perfect moments—and its ALL OK!!! Just part of the foolishness of life!”